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Yandex is negotiating the purchase of Azbuka Vkusa – Rambler / finance

Yandex is thinking about buying Azbuka Vkusa

The company intends to integrate Azbuka Vkusa with the Yandex.Lavka food delivery service. According to one source, both companies are targeting premium audiences.

“Yandex.Lavka” is going to increase sales of ready-made food, in this direction it can be helped by “Azbuka”, which has this segment “historically strong”. In addition, the deal will help lower purchase prices for Lavka by merging purchases with a large retailer.

Sources recalled the deal to buy the premium supermarket chain Whole Foods by the digital giant Amazon. After the purchase, the stores and the retailer’s brand were preserved.

Yandex declined to comment on the information.

Representatives of Azbuka Vkusa and the chain’s shareholder companies also did not answer questions about a possible deal.

Azbuka Vkusa is one of the key partners of Yandex.Lavka, reminds The Bell. The retailer recently announced that Yandex services will become the exclusive delivery of products from Azbuka Vkusa.

Azbuka Vkus and Yandex have common shareholders. 41.1% of the retailer belongs to the structures of Millhouse by Roman Abramovich and Invest AG by Alexander Abramov. Millhouse Abramovich in 2020 received approximately 1.25% of the economic and 0.63% of the voting share in Yandex.
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