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Peter Hasekamp: “The Netherlands should ban cryptocurrencies”

The director of the Netherlands Central Planning Bureau (CPB) believes that the country needs to ban all transactions with cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

CPB Director Pieter Hasekamp believes the collapse of cryptocurrencies is inevitable. He calls on the Dutch government to immediately ban Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Peter Hasekamp’s opinion on this topic was published in Het Financieele Dagblad. He wrote that when it comes to investors and governments, the last one to act will be the loser. To protect investors, he said, the Dutch government must end trading, mining, and even storage of cryptocurrencies.

Hasekamp believes that the ban on cryptocurrency will definitely lead to a drop in the value of bitcoin along with other cryptoassets and may “herald the end of cryptocurrency markets.” He criticized cryptocurrencies due to the fact that financial institutions did not give permission to issue them, as well as the fact that governments and financial authorities around the world have little control over them. Hasekamp added:

“After all, these products have no intrinsic value on their own and only attract attention because other people are buying them.”

At the beginning of the year, the Central Bank of the Netherlands issued requirements according to which users of cryptocurrency exchanges must verify addresses for withdrawing digital assets. In April this year, the claims were withdrawn.

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