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Management companies in New Moscow have accumulated millions in debts – Rambler / finance

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Seven management companies are among the debtors. In their area of ​​responsibility – 254 apartment buildings, where more than half a million people live. And, as experts note, the debts of the TyNAO are constantly growing. One of the most difficult situations is in the Shcherbinka settlement, where Ostafyevo and Zhil-Comfort operate.

Management companies in New Moscow have accumulated millions of debts

The total debt of these companies for the supplied heat and hot water exceeds 155 million rubles. Slightly better is the situation in the Pervomaisky settlement, where the Comfort-Service company, which manages 24 apartment buildings, did not pay 93.6 million to energy suppliers.

“According to the law, we cannot stop supplying hot water to residential buildings, and management companies use this. But the lack of payment complicates preparation for a new heating period,” Andrei Dmitrievsky, director of the Gorenergosbyt branch No. 11 of the Moscow United Energy Company, tells RG.

“We are using all possible legal mechanisms to improve the situation with payments.” As a rule, it is not possible to reach an understanding with the Criminal Code out of court, so now the power engineers have gone to the Arbitration Court.

As the press service of MOEK reminded “RG”, in 2020 the company won over 1.6 thousand cases against consumers-debtors in the amount of more than 14 billion rubles in courts of various instances. About a dozen criminal cases were initiated on the facts of the Criminal Code’s fraud.

But the most effective measure to combat non-payers is to revoke their license. After all, unscrupulous companies can accumulate debts of millions only through the tactics of payment in the course of prosecution: the court lasts up to 12 months and on the eve of the decision in favor of MOEK the companies pay the claim amount, after which the court rejects the claim. At the same time, the total debt is growing.

However, not only power engineers have to fight, but also the residents themselves, says Natalya Chernysheva, director of the People’s Control Organization. According to her, getting used to accumulating debts, the company stops investing in caring for the serviced house, and then disappears with the money.

“To prevent this from happening, residents themselves need to monitor the work of the Criminal Code,” the expert is convinced. “Every year, it is necessary to demand reporting on the money received and spent. And in case of the first debts, contact the prosecutor’s office and the Moscow Housing Inspection.”

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