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Make money on Forex with FxPro broker and cMirror signal service

FxPro, a conflict-of-interest forex broker, is pleased to present the innovative cMirror service for the cTrader platform.

A distinctive feature of the application is that it is suitable for both beginners in Forex and professional traders.

cMirror allows beginners to copy trading strategies to trade in the forex market, and professionals – to supply their own strategies, receiving a reward from the turnover.

The service contains a huge number of successful trading strategies, and you can sort them by profitability and popularity, as well as set risk parameters. Moreover, you have complete control over your investment portfolio. You can easily subscribe to any strategy, and it is also easy to unsubscribe from it.

The service eliminates conflicts of interest between an investor, signal provider and broker, which is a fundamental point for FxPro.

For MT4 adherents, FxPro has created an algorithmic platformSuperTraderwhich will also allow you to invest in the strategies of professional managers.
Earn money on the Forex market together with the professionals!

Source: FxTeam

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