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FxPro continues to strive for transparency

The award-winning forex broker FxPro continues to fulfill its commitment to transparency. We are pleased to announce our statistics on order execution and slippage in Q2 2015. The release of this trading data is part of FxPro’s ongoing commitment to becoming a leader in performance and standards by promoting fair trading conditions throughout the forex industry.

Slippage statistics for April, May and June 2015:

  • Positive = 44.9%
  • At stated prices = 34.4%
  • Negative = 20.7%

FxPro operates on a hybrid agent model, providing clients with access to the largest liquidity providers, as well as all the benefits of Non Dealing Desk (no dealing desk intervention) and a guarantee of negative balance protection.

A trusted broker with innovative solutions and ongoing support, FxPro has built a reputation as a trusted partner with superior customer order resolution and instant execution technology.

Together with slippage statistics, FxPro also publishes the level of requotes for client orders for the quarter:

  • Total requotes = 5.3%
  • Positive = 2.4%
  • Negative = 2.9%

FxPro CEO Charalambos Psimolophitis:

“Our decision to publish statistics on slippage and requotes has been extremely positively received by the forex industry. Our goal is to provide meaningful and transparent information that can assist in assessing credibility and reliability. The concept of transparency is often misused by many companies in order to impress market participants by publishing figures that are out of touch with reality. This becomes apparent when comparing Appendix III of the Risk Warnings of many companies with their volumes and key metrics that they publish regularly. ”

Source: FxTeam

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