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Forex trading with Pro Vsa EA robot: independent review, advantages and disadvantages

The development of modern technology is already noticeable in almost all areas of our lives, including finance. We are putting more and more tasks into the hands of artificial intelligence, so we have more free time. Recently forex robots have been gaining popularity because they allow traders to trade currencies almost entirely passively. Let’s take a look at one of today’s robots – Pro Vsa EA that I was able to test relatively recently.

What is Pro Vsa EA?

A forex robot is a powerful software designed to predict changes in exchange rates. Tools of this type are developed and programmed by IT and business experts, which makes them very effective. Let’s begin our review of the Pro VSA EA forex robot.

As we have already mentioned, the use of artificial intelligence in finance allows for passive trading, which means that transactions can be made without much involvement from the investor. The Forex Pro VSA EA, presented by the developers on Proforexea.com, works thanks to specially developed algorithms and directs orders in such a way as to bring maximum profit.

I knew about Proforexea project since 2017, but I had no desire to pay money for the robot, although the reviews on Proforexea were mostly positive. But now I had an opportunity to get and test the full version of this trading robot for free by renting it from an acquaintance of mine. And after a few months of using the Pro VSA EA automatic trading system, I want to share with you the results of the testing General characteristics:

  • Platform: MT4, MT5.
  • Time frame: M1.
  • Currency: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, EUR / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CAD, AUD / USD.
  • The trading robot has several methods of order management. Martingale, scalping and hedging.
  • Three tariff plans, which differ in the number of currencies, functions and, consequently, the cost.

The main advantages

I am against the martingale technique, so I tested the robot on a real account at a broker in hedging and scalping mode. I have never seen such a bot before. This bot is a real scalper. Every trade is closed at stop loss or take profit. As a result, I was not worried about the drawdown. The drawdown level did not exceed the size of the stop loss.

After analyzing some of the transactions made by the Expert Advisor, I was surprised by the accuracy of the signals. A very important feature that I managed to highlight is the accurate mathematical calculation of expectations. Low stop loss and high take profit make this strategy really profitable and safe. I used the bot for 3 weeks on my personal account. During that time a large number of trades were made. Some trades are closed at stop loss, other trades are closed at breakeven level, and the most profitable trades are closed at trailing stop.

Pro Forex EA provides a demo version of the software for unlimited time. This is a good gesture because most developers just don’t want us to test their robots before buying.

Pro VSA Ea minuses

In the process of trading on a real account, slippage occurred. Slippage can significantly affect the result. In the beginning I tried to work with a VPS server in Frankfurt, the ping to the server was about 30ms. With high volatility slippage could reach 4-8 pips. Very often trades that were opened with high slippage were closed with a stop loss. Then I changed the location of my vps-server to London, and trading became much more profitable. As a result I can conclude that the trading robot is very sensitive to the VPS server. Also you need a reliable forex broker for profitable trading.

Conclusion about the VSA EA

This robot deserves respect and attention. It compares favorably with many other robots that use lagging indicators and dubious martingale strategies. To make a profit, you need a fast VPS server and a reliable forex broker.

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