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Forex broker FxPro is committed to honesty and transparency

As an advocate of transparency and fair trading services, FxPro strives to provide its clients with not only complete trading reporting, but also superior order matching and execution technologies that are constantly being improved. As a broker trusted by an increasing number of clients around the world, FxPro is pleased to provide slippage statistics in March:

  • Positive = 36%
  • At stated prices = 36%
  • Negative = 28%

The forex market is over-the-counter, and therefore the execution price can often differ from the stated price in the order. Operating as a hybrid broker using an agent model without dealing with dealing, FxPro gives its clients access to the best liquidity providers, benefits from our execution technology and negative balance protection that mitigate operational risk.

Along with the slippage statistics, FxPro also publishes the requoted level for client orders in March:

  • Total requotes = 4.32%
  • Positive = 2%
  • Negative = 2.32%

FxPro CEO Haralambos Psimolophitis commented on these statistics:

At FxPro, we maintain the transparency and integrity of the forex industry, and work diligently to eliminate all conflicts of interest between broker and client. By adopting the Hybrid Agent Model, we provide our clients with not only superior educational resources and trading tools, but a guarantee that their funds are protected. We are pleased to rebut the claim that industry slippage almost always occurs against the customer. Symmetric slippage is under scrutiny and we encourage other brokers to provide their execution statistics“.

Source: FxTeam

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