ExactArrows for MT5

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The main purpose of the indicator is to determine the moments of entering and exiting trades, so ExactArrow does not draw anything except arrows that show the places of entering and exiting the market.

Despite all the apparent simplicity of the indicator, it has complex analytical algorithms inside, with the help of which the system determines the moments of inputs and outputs.

The indicator gives accurate and timely signals for entering and exiting a trade, which appear on the current candle. The indicator on average gives signals 1-2 candles earlier than its analogues.

Using the indicator is very simple. When the up arrow appears, open a buy deal. When the down arrow appears, open a sell trade.

Indicator input parameters:

  • enableAlerts-enable / disable signals
  • period – the period of the indicator
  • EmailAlert-send messages to your email when a signal appears
  • MobileAlert-send messages to the mobile terminal when a signal appears

The indicator does not redraw its values: if the arrow appears in a certain place, it remains there.

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