How much do you earn from scalping? Personal example for 9 years


Good afternoon everyone.

Today we will talk about scalping. What are the pros and cons of this style of trading, and what is the profitability. Let’s start.

How much does a scalper earn?

I will immediately note what scalping is in my understanding and according to my principles of trading. There are traders who make a huge number of transactions per day. I even make scalping trades quite rarely. Sometimes there are no entry signals for several days. But it is often believed that a scalping trade is a trade with a short holding of a position within one day. In fact, almost the same as intraday. It’s just often using a glass and most often involves a shorter time to hold a position.

Scalping, with the right approach, can generate fairly stable profits and give very good interest rates. And often this profitability is higher than with positional trading. But it is important to understand that here the amounts are different. It is one thing to scalp in the amount of half a million rubles, another thing in the amount of 10 million. There is not so much liquidity on the Russian market, and one way or another, the emphasis will have to shift on large amounts to more positional trading. Although you can always continue to scalp for a part of the capital, as I do now.

Interest on profitability with the right approach and even without exceeding risks and using leverage can be very good. I will not name specific percentages, everything is individual here. I will say this, you can look at my example, who wants a statement on my site at the link.

In particular, for the first two or three years, I placed more emphasis on the active trading option (scalping and intraday). And then a shift to positional trading. Now, in general, I trade as measuredly as possible, and if I use some scalping trades, then infrequently and when there are sufficient grounds and a high probability of working out. And also on those instruments on which liquidity is good, so that an adequate volume can be injected. And by the way, I always controlled the risks and even in scalping trades I did not go above 2 leverage. Positionally I always trade without leverage.

And by the way, on shares of the 2nd or 3rd tier, I have always managed to show large percentages of profitability. True, it is not normal to trade with big capital there.

What securities to scalp?

I love promotions the most. On them, and a glass can say a lot, unlike futures. And as I already noted, I love shares of 2-3 echelons. There you can find a lot of interesting ideas for working out, so follow these securities more closely, those who have not yet tried to trade on them.

I also scalp on futures, but mostly these are stock futures, such as Gazprom, Sberbank. I always watch a glass of shares. It happens a little less often and other futures, though the liquidity there is not high anymore. Especially since it’s been falling off lately.

Although, in general, the drop in liquidity did not affect the quality of scalping, moreover, even more interesting options and ideas for working out began to appear. Well, except that the amount has to be used less for entry. Sometimes I scalp on a sish, rarely on other futures. Although recently there were interesting options on RTS. And so I usually consider more positional transactions on RTS.

For an example regarding liquidity in the current situation, let’s take a glass (example in the video under the article). It is important to always trade within the liquidity of the instrument. That is, we analyze the order book from above and below, for what adequate volume we can buy, and most importantly, sell an asset. It is even more important to sell, because we always proceed from risk. It happens that we can buy for a large volume, but we can’t sell without moving the price. And we will end up at a bargain price. Therefore, analyze the next few cells in the glass for how much you can sell an asset if you buy it.

Cons of scalping

The main disadvantage of scalping is that it requires more time. Moreover, the time spent not even on the trade itself, as I noted, my deals are rare. But it takes more time to track and wait for the right signal.

Here, as many understand, it is easier to miss it. We must be ready to enter in time. Sometimes there are a few seconds to think. In this regard, positional trading is easier.

In general, scalping can be attributed not only to transactions using the order book, there are other options. For example, you are gapping a stock with an overnight carry, or a bar. Probably, this is closer to scalping, where it is important to correctly evaluate the order book, although sometimes the position has to be moved overnight. In general, it makes no sense to dwell on scalping or not, it does not matter.

I will give one more of the latest examples, this deal can also be attributed to the scalper one. I posted this deal in the telegram channel. My telegram channel is at the link, subscribe, there is a lot of useful information. There was an idea to initially work out the situation with Rusagro, in the long run. In those days, companies from this sector were pumping heavily, phosagro, for example, and trading in rusagro opened later. And the task was to jump on Rusagro from the opening.

This is an example of a deal when there was a certain idea, and the ability to correctly analyze and evaluate the order book was important. There, the meaning was that in the first seconds, even at the pre-trading session, it was important to analyze the order book, what volumes are there and, if we place an order, whether it will be executed. In general, there are many nuances. And it was still possible to jump into a pose at the pre-trade, for those who understand and know how to read a glass. And it was important to act quickly.

Therefore, the ability to read the order book is useful not only for scalping, but in general, even for an investor. I also give a few examples in the video below the article.

On my YouTube channel in the “live trading” playlist, there are many transactions online, including scalping ones.

Therefore, I believe that a professional trader and investor should know all the nuances. This does not mean that he will use it all, but at least sometimes an understanding of all these nuances helps to make a more competent investment bet and earn more. And sometimes it’s speculative to earn extra money, because there are such cool situations on the market that are extremely likely to work out.

Sincerely, Stanislav Stanishevsky.

If you want to learn this style of trading under my guidance, you can sign up for individual trading training courses at the link.

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