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Financial broker AMarkets is a reliable international company with an impeccable reputation. Regardless of the ways of earning, the company is able to provide the most favorable conditions for both beginners and professional traders.

Independent trading, a modern service for copying RAMM deals, cryptocurrency trading and a profitable affiliate program – all this and much more is available in AMarkets.

Choosing a broker is a fundamental step on the path of every successful trader and investor, since the quality of trading and the safety of funds depend on the broker.

That is why it is so important to immediately choose a reliable provider for the financial markets, which will not only provide really favorable trading conditions and high-quality service, but also securely store client funds.

History of AMarkets

AMarkets is an international broker providing online trading and investment services in 2007. The European office of the company is located in Montenegro. Active development, expansion to international markets and high-quality support did not go unnoticed by customers, in connection with which AMarkets received many awards, among which it is worth noting:

Account types and trading conditions in AMarkets

For independent trading, 4 types of trading accounts are available to traders:

standard – has a wide range of functionality and optimal working conditions.

  • The minimum deposit is $100 or 5000 rubles.
  • Leverage up to 1:1000.
  • Spreads floating from 1.3 pips.
  • Stop Out level – 20%.
  • Margin Call: 50%.
  • Type of order execution – market and instant.

Fixed – main feature – fixed spreads:

  • Leverage up to 1:1000.
  • Spreads fixed — 3 pips
  • The minimum deposit is $100 or 5000 rubles.
  • Stop Out level – 20%.
  • Margin Call: 50%.
  • The order execution type is instant.

ECN – the account is designed for market professionals who wish to gain access to the first level interbank liquidity using STP technology.

  • Minimum deposit $200;
  • Leverage up to 1:200;
  • Spreads floating from 0 pips;
  • Stop Out level – 40%;
  • Margin Call: 70%;
  • The type of order execution is market.

Trading features of the broker

Notable features of the broker include:

  1. Low spreads (from 0.2 pips);
  2. No entry fees;
  3. Order execution speed – 0.03 seconds (market average 0.5 seconds);
  4. Leverage up to 1:1000;
  5. Adaptation for beginners and professional traders: free demo account, low investment threshold, many trading advisors, ongoing promotions, etc.;
  6. Round the clock support;
  7. Access to interbank liquidity through STP technologies.
  8. Compensation of the commission of payment systems for each deposit
  9. The most popular trading platforms with tons of features: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal, MetaTrader 5.

RAM service

Separately, it is worth noting the new product of AMarkets – RAMM copy-trading service, which allows you to earn on the market without any special knowledge. RAMM service allows anyone who wants to become an investor. It is enough to choose among the list of traders the most optimal in terms of profitability, commission and term of work with AMarkets, invest the desired amount and enjoy a stable profit. The RAMM service is also useful for professional traders as they can earn extra commission from each investor. The level of the commission is determined by the trader independently. You can learn more about copy-trading RAMM service by clicking on the link.

Regulation and security

AMarkets has a category “A” membership in the international organization The Financial Commission, which regulates disputes and conflicts between clients and a broker and compensates up to €20,000 for each trading case from the compensation fund.

It is also regularly audited by the independent Verify My Trade (VMT) service. The quality of execution of orders, the services provided, their relevance and transparency of information are checked. The results of the VMT audit are evidenced by a certificate that can be viewed on the official website of The Financial Commission.


Designed for beginners author’s course. Moreover, in addition to video materials, the site contains a trader’s dictionary, useful literature about the market, webinars and analytics, as well as unique indicators and services that will improve trading results and become more efficient and successful traders.

Partnership programs

Affiliate programs in the financial markets are the only guaranteed way to earn money without risk, since there is no need to invest your own funds in order to generate income.

There are two types of earnings available to AMarkets partners:

  1. Agent. The remuneration depends on the trading turnover of attracted clients. Also, this model allows you to receive passive income by attracting other partners. This model is intended for those who personally work with their clients, accompany their trade and offer additional educational services.
  2. Webmaster. The program was created for partners who attract customers exclusively through working on the Internet online. As part of this earnings model, partners receive high fixed payments for verified registrations and activated trader accounts.


AMarkets is a reliable partner that offers favorable conditions for realizing its opportunities in the market. Adaptation for beginners and professionals, different ways of cooperation (RAMM service, affiliate program, independent trading) and favorable conditions have a positive impact on the broker’s popularity and customer loyalty.

Summing up about AMarkets, I would like to note that the company is really worthy of attention. Regardless of the skills of clients and ways to earn money in the market, the company is able to offer favorable conditions and quality support to everyone.

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