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Today we will talk about the features and nuances of intraday trading (intraday). Do not switch, there will be a lot of useful information 🙂

Intraday trading - ALL SECRETS and NUANCES

Intraday trading. Peculiarities

Intraday trading (intraday) is a type of trading in which a position is held within one day without transferring overnight (through the night). Although it is worth noting here that mixed trading options are most often used. Even if you mostly trade actively during the day, there are situations when a position can be left overnight. It all depends on your approach to trading. It also often happens to me that I planned a deal during the day, but in the end, if the necessary conditions were formed, I transferred it through the night.

Or I initially enter a position based on the fact that if something happens, I can switch to a higher timeframe and pull the position for several days (if the traded instrument grows well). Or if there are no closing sales. Whether or not to transfer the position in each case must be decided individually.

Intraday trading is not always the active trading option that many assume. It all depends on your trading style. You can make a large number of transactions per day, and you can trade more measuredly, for example, I trade. I can not make trades for several days, then work out a couple, then again without trades if there are no necessary signals.

There is also such a thing as scalping. It is believed that this is a more active trading option, more often by the glass. But in fact, I would not separate this option from intraday trading. Scalping is essentially from English to scalp from movement. That is, in fact, also catch some trends within the day. In this case, you can scalp actively. And you can also catch some rare movements. And in the presence of severe conditions, such entry signals can be quite rare.

Therefore, in a certain sense, scalping is also intraday trading. But just often, it is considered that with an even shorter holding of a position, more often with the use of a glass, and so on. Although, as I noted, everything is individual here and depends on your system. And of course, I’m not talking now about overly active scalping, pipsing, etc., when the number of transactions per day reaches up to 100. In my opinion, this is not the best option, as it requires too much effort on your part and most likely with a low result . For such trading, it is better to use trading robots, at least this way you will save your burrow cells. Trading, on top of everything else, you should like. Forcing yourself to trade through force and sitting for days on end with red eyes is definitely not worth it.

Intraday trading – what instruments can I trade?

In fact, you can trade on any instrument, both futures and stocks, cryptocurrency, and so on. The only thing I would like to note is that trading with the use of a glass is more for stocks. On futures, there are usually no large volumes in the order book. Or if you are trading on a future, the analysis still needs to be done on the underlying asset. That is, let’s say you trade on a Sberbank futures, you analyze the order book from a stock to a Sberbank. Well, for such instruments as oil, the RTS index, etc., you should not pay special attention to the order book.

When can intraday trading be used?

As I said before, every trading situation is different. In some cases, it can be combined with other activities. For example, working 5 days a day. Although a shift schedule, such as a day in two, would be better. You can trade in the evening. Or work out some rare signals from the phone. This can be done at work, if, of course, work allows 🙂

I have models that you only need to follow in the evening. Although, of course, if you work out some active models in conjunction with a glass, you need free time. But this does not mean that you need to constantly be near the monitor. Proper selection of tools will help to avoid this, and you can also set up alerts (notifications). But in any case, it is important not to miss the desired entry signal. In this regard, if you have little free time, it is still better to trade positionally. Although at free moments, including in the evening, you can add active deals.

For the first time, about two years, I combined trading with work. I also worked 5 days a day, from morning to evening. Traded actively in the evenings, plus positional deals. Plus, I tracked positions from the phone periodically. Although the work was quite difficult and there was little free time. But at the same time, this did not prevent me from reaching the result with such a combination. Well, then quit.

Profitability of intraday trading

The result that you get from your trading depends entirely on you. But if we talk about the style of trading, I will note right away that, in general, a more active trading option can bring large percentages of profitability. This is provided that you understand what you are doing and comply with the risks. Because without experience and the necessary skills, you can merge here much faster.

Another important point that will affect your profitability and perhaps even trading style is the amount of capital. As capital grows, you will most likely shift to more positional trading. And the rate of return will fall. But in terms of financial income, of course, position trading can make more money because you can trade with much larger capital. But in terms of interest, if the capital is small, especially if it is amounts up to half a million rubles, you can show a much higher percentage of profitability on intraday trading. If the capital is more than 5-6 million rubles, then of course the main focus will already be on the positional trading option. That is, rarer transactions, with a longer time to hold a position.

In the video below the article, I show in more detail with examples the features and problems with liquidity in the Russian market.

Risks of intraday trading

But from the point of view of risks, everything is individual here. If a trader cannot control risk, then no matter what style of trading they use, they will merge anyway. Everything needs to be approached with a head. If you control risks, strictly observe money management, then it is unrealistic to merge. And most importantly, always put your feet. And then many often prove that the feet are not needed. Stops are not needed for investments, it is important to diversify there and risks are respected in a different way. Then in intraday trading without stops, you will definitely lose everything. And even without using the shoulders. That is, sooner or later you will make a mistake and get into some stock that will not return to where you bought it from (example below). And you will turn from a speculator into a long-term investor. Therefore, a competent stop is extremely important.

I also recommend reading the article about risk calculation at the link.

By the way, I have an extremely useful trader’s calculator on my site. It will help to correctly calculate the volume for entry and calculate the risks.


I often use m5 to enter, but I do the analysis on m60 and days. At the same time, I use both levels and volumes in the analysis, I pay attention to ATR. As the tool grows, falls, on the news or not. How the opening occurs, with a gap or not. Sometimes it makes sense to pay attention to the correlation with other assets.

Approaches and models can be different and trend transactions and counter-trend ones. With the use of a glass without. But at the same time, in any scenario, it is important to be able to read the chart correctly and have a trading system.

In the video below the article there is a lot of practice on intraday trading. From 18 minutes. Be sure to look.

Also, taking this opportunity 🙂, I want to remind you that I have great trading training courses, in which I teach all the secrets and nuances of intraday trading. Here is a link to the courses.

All success.

Sincerely, Stanislav Stanishevsky.

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