Forex contests: who is NPBFX’s “Battle of the Traders” suitable for and why do traders from different countries participate in it?


Forex contests on demo accounts are contests for beginners only. This opinion is most common among market participants. Why should traders with experience waste their time on a contest on virtual Forex accounts? Today you will find out who is eligible for a Forex demo contest, and why do professional traders participate in it?

Who is eligible for Forex contests on demo accounts?

  • novice traders without experience – can earn their first capital without risk and investment;
  • traders who have mastered trading skills well, but have not developed their own trading system. This is a fairly large group among the participants of the Forrex contests. A trader can jump from one grail to another year after year. As a rule, a trader comes to the competition with another “miracle robot”, which can give up to 10,000% profit in a week.
  • professional traders with their proven TS. The goal of participating in Forex contests is to take the prize with minimal effort. In this group, image motives can become common: to prove to myself and others that I am the best, to diversify my trading days (the competition is like an interesting journey), to recharge my emotions, to feel the taste of the struggle.

Who participates in the Forex Battle of the Traders competition from NPBFX and why?

Forex Contest Battle of Traders» without exaggeration suits all categories of traders in the financial markets. This is exactly what the participants are talking about as a result of the already played stages of the monthly contest “Battle of Traders”. The broker regularly posts detailed information about the 10 winners and an interview with the trader who took 1st place in their social media groups. All statistics for each participant is reflected in the open monitoring of the contest, which inspires confidence in the Forex contest itself and its organizer – an experienced broker NPBFX.

What is the age and profession of participants in the Forex contest from NPBFX?

From the interviews with the winners, it becomes clear that anyone can win the NPBFX contest. On the first line were a former banker from Spain, and a student from South Africa, and a military man from Krasnodar, and even an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations from Moldova. By age, the line of winners is also represented widely: from 21 to 57 years old.

What is the experience of Forex trading among the participants of the contest?

Experience is different. There are novice traders with about 1 year of active trading experience, as well as market professionals who started their trading journey 20 or more years ago. It can be concluded that the lack of many years of trading experience in the market is not an obstacle to take the most prestigious and money-making place in the top-1 competition.

What motivates traders to participate in the competition?

According to the winners, the main motive for participating in the “Battle of Traders” Forex contest is money. The prize fund of the competition is $2,500 monthly, of which the participant on the 1st line of the rating receives $1,000, and can win an additional super prize – the newest iPhone Xs! However, not only money was named as the main goal of the participants. Professional traders noted that it was important for them to win in order to confirm the high level of Forex skills in their own eyes and in the eyes of their loved ones. It should be noted that traders coped with the task perfectly!

How to become a participant of Forex contest “Battle of Traders” from NPBFX?

The contest is held on demo accounts, so the participant needs to open a contest demo account with NPBFX. After that, the broker credits $5,000 to the demo account. The task of the participants is to maximize the initial deposit for the contest month. No risks with your own money, no financial investments from the participants of the “Battle of Traders” contest are required.

Try your hand at the contest and may luck be on your side! Registration for the “Battle of the Traders” contest is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at this link.

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