Cracker Pro Expert Advisor – an overview of the latest version of the robot


At the beginning of this article, it is worth noting an important factor – despite the fact that 50% of advisors use the martingale principle, with proper configuration and regular monitoring of the trading process, forex traders there is an opportunity to earn a decent profit with an acceptable level of drawdown. The first version of the robot Cracker Pro was liked by traders, in the updated build, the authors added 3 scalping strategies to the adviser at oncewhich allows the robot to trade more aggressively and take more profit on trades. In the past, the bot showed good results, in this review we will understand whether the latest version is also able to successfully trade in the modern market.

How to install Forex Cracker Pro, robot settings

The installation is standard, after downloading the archive, in addition to the file with the forex advisor (with the .ex4 extension), the trader needs to study the folder with the settings files and apply them in his MT4. To install the bot, the file is placed in the Experts folder, the terminal is rebooted, and you can start working.

The authors have checked and adapted the settings for 9 currency pairs: EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURCHF, USDCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD.

As for the settings, there are a lot of them, a trader can change the following parameters:

  • UseManualLots – an arbitrary value of the starting lot is set;
  • Lots – starting lot;
  • Booster – a multiplier for calculating the lot at each next level of the grid;
  • TakeProfit – profit in points;
  • PipStarter – the distance between the knees of the grid;
  • TurboMode – the option is active by default, it is responsible for the efficiency of the EA in flat mode;
  • TurboDivider – on which mesh knee the TurboMode mode will be activated;
  • ContinueTrading – whether to continue working after the entire grid is closed. If the value is “true”, trading will continue, if false, it will stop;
  • MM – automatic calculation of the lot as a share of deposit. Formula used

Calculation formula: Lot = (0.00001 • Deposit) / Divider;

  • Divider – participates in the calculation of MM;
  • chartDisplay – whether trading information will be displayed on the screen;
  • UseStopLossPct – on / off. stop in the form of a share of the deposit;
  • StopLossPct – loss threshold, calculated as a percentage of the deposit. If it is exceeded, the robot will close all transactions and stop trading;
  • UseTakeProfitPCT and TakeProfitPCT – all the same, but for take profit;
  • UseTrailingStop – the EA can trail a trade;
  • StartTrailing – how far the graph must travel before the trailing is activated;
  • StopTrailing – at what distance the stop will move after the price when trailing.

In addition, for each of the strategies, the following parameters are set:

  • MaxTrades – the maximum number of knees in the grid for each of the TS;
  • UseDollarTakeProfit – TP activation (calculated in units of the deposit currency);
  • DollarTakeProfit – TP value in the deposit currency, when this value is reached, the bot will close transactions.

Any of the three vehicles can be turned off from work. The “Use strategy” parameter is responsible for this.

Testing results of the Vzlomshchik Pro EA

In principle, it makes no sense to test martingale Expert Advisors for a long time period, because they all merge. But the authors of the forex cracker emphasize its excellent survivability, based on these arguments, the test was conducted for the period 2016-2017. The working timeframe is H1, the settings are standard, one of those that came with the robot for each currency pair.

The results of the test on the EUR/GBP currency pair – the profit was 11.08%, the drawdown was 16.15%, the share of profitable transactions was at the level of 71%;

Test of the Expert Advisor on the EUR/JPY instrument – the deposit did not live up to the end of the testing period, followed by a drain. But at the peak, the increase was 70.73%, then the robot got into a sharp recoilless movement, and this explains the “poker” on the deposit growth chart.

EUR/USD is the most successful currency pair for an adviser. The profit was 258.64%, however, the maximum drawdown reached 90%, the share of successful transactions was at the level of 73%.

Following trial forex the robot passed on the GBP/USD currency pair – profit is 107.08%, the maximum drawdown is 72.89%, the share of successful transactions is at the level of 78%.

For other currency pairs, the picture is similar – for some it is possible to reach the end of the testing period, for others not. It should be noted that even for those pairs on which there is eventually a deposit drain before this, the starting capital increases by 70-100%. So if you follow the rules of working with martingale advisors, then the drain is not so terrible.

Advisor monitoring, recommendations for use has the results of monitoring this Expert Advisor on real and demo accounts. This gives a closer picture to reality compared to the MT4 tester. The screenshot below shows one example of robot monitoring.

Briefly about the results:

  • since the summer of 2015, the growth of the deposit at the time of writing was 473%;
  • the drawdown is at an acceptable level, 24% is a lot, but if we consider that we have a “monkey”, then the number is small;
  • profit grows more or less steadily, there are no periods of stagnation;
  • the share of successful trades is at the same level as in the tester – approximately 73% of trades are closed in positive territory.

Let’s analyze the main recommendations for trading a robot on a real deposit. Lot 0.01 per 1000 units should be used. deposit currencies, be sure to make a portfolio of several currency pairs, drawdowns on them occur at different times, so the risk for the portfolio will be lower than the risk when trading on one instrument. Withdraw profits periodically, this is necessary so that in the event of an opposite long-term trend in relation to open positions, the trader had a fixed income from trading with the robot. Install Cracker Pro on a VPS, because deals are made even at night, and keeping a PC turned on from Monday to Friday is not always convenient, and force majeure should not be discounted.


Backtesting and monitoring results prove that forex adviser Cracker Pro is a worthy candidate for use on real accounts. The optimal scheme of work is to make a portfolio of 4-6 currency pairs and regularly withdraw profits until you at least return the initial deposit + interest. A drain is not excluded, but the trader will already be in the black by this moment, so there will be nothing to worry about.

Above are results based on conservative settings. By experimenting with the parameters, you can get a great financial return.

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