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I want to make money on Forex right away. Some will say that this is an illusion and impossible, others will recommend who to work with and support the newcomer. Further, the algorithm boils down to the fact that you need to open search engines, for example, Google and, having entered in the search, look for a company with which to work effectively on Forex. I am a lot heard about the famous trader Alexander Gerchik and his company Gerchik & Co. At first I heard from friends who trade with Gerchik & Co. Information, as they say, “hooked”. An opportunity presented itself and I was able to visit the master classes of Alexander Gerchik personally. Working in one online media, due to my work, I had to communicate with many bankers and traders for interviews. But Alexander Gerchikas a professional, impressed me by the fact that, seemingly speaking simple things, he explained at an accessible level how, as a university teacher, important points using practical examples.

“I want to feel like a man and do something urgently,” this is the message every second of us sounds to ourselves. On the one hand, I do not want to lose a stable, but low-paid job, and on the other hand, I want prosperity and financial stability.

A fateful meeting with a world-class trader Alexander Gerchik became a kind of lifeline for me. It impresses that he himself was at one time in a similar situation, and he himself climbed up the career ladder from the bottom, and earned a fortune with his perseverance, work, analytical mindset and constant work on himself.

When you choose a brokerage company, then, first of all, you should pay attention to the owners: who they are, how they got into this market, what they themselves achieved. For example, Alexander Gerchik was recognized as the safest trader by Mojo Wall Street Warriors.which practically does not have unprofitable days in the daily trading sector.

I’ll talk about what I like about Gerchik & Co

First,it is an opportunity to learn. Without training, you will never learn how to trade Forex correctly. Own business Alexander Gerchik with the team built on quality training. There are several levels, from basic to advanced. You can visit the personal master classes of the maestro, paying at the same time. If you don’t have money, it doesn’t matter. You are not the only one. The company understands this and has developed courses for free training, which you can take at any time convenient for you with a mentor robot. Yes, that’s right, with artificial intelligence, you can learn the basics of trading. And it happens easily, funny, at an accessible level. And my advice to those who ignore learning: don’t do it. It’s like skipping classes and coming at the end of the semester to take the test naively hoping that it will “carry through”. Trading is the same. If you are a bad student, you will be a bad trader.

Second,- these are the terms of trade. You should pay attention to the terms of trade. And Gerchik & Co for the entire time of the company’s existence on the market – they are one of the best. In addition, since the last 2017, the company has been providing the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency, which not every broker can provide.

Third, is analytics. Gerchik & Co constantly pleases with fresh analytical reviews. They are absolutely free to find. in the public domain on the YouTube channel. Weekly fresh reviews on the stock market are done by Alexander Gerchik himself, and daily analytical reviews are done by the company’s expert, trader Viktor Makeev. Viktor Makeev is a professional in the field of investment and trading, PhD in Economics.

If you really want to achieve success in trading, then do not be too lazy to look at analytical reviews daily, this is important. Analytics for trader important as a good vessel for a sea captain.

Watching analytical reviews means being aware of all events. Analytics helps a trader build his own trading strategy. I want to emphasize that I know firsthand that in many brokerage companies, analysts are students or employees who have no experience in trading at all. The question is asked: is it worth believing such analytical forecasts. The answer is obviously no

Fourth, is shoulder. Do not be fooled by the advertisements of those brokers that offer huge trading leverage. There are announcements of brokerage companies on the Internet that offer trading conditions of 1:500, 1:400, 1:300. Their advertising says that you can make transactions of 300, 400, and even 500 times more. Keep in mind that the risk factor itself increases in proportion to the figures given. Nothing good comes from this trade.

Customers usually speak for the company. Gerchik & Co received a lot of positive feedback from customers both on the company’s website and in social networks.. I will cite some of them.

Thanks for your education. The knowledge I have acquired has helped me to work in Forex more successfully. I am currently working on a demo account opened with your company in December 2017. Thank you for being considerate and kind to me. For an extremely understandable system of education. I look forward to the opportunity to study in your company at the second level. Thank you for being you» — Tatyana Starostina wrote her review on the Gerchik & Co website from Krasnodar.

And here is what Vladimir Yantsov from Odessa said: “I work with the service with Risk Manager, I think that any trader, if he wants to increase his chances of earning, is simply obliged to use automatic risk management. This service greatly increases the chances of making money in the long run, especially for those who work intraday with many signals and a sea of ​​news.

The main feature of this product is that it not only controls the number of losing trades and the percentage of drawdown, but also allows you to control profits. For me, this was always the main problem – I could not take profit when the required values ​​were reached, it seemed to me that it was not enough, and I pushed the take back more and more, as a result, instead of profit, I received a loss, and immediately tried to “recoup”, which led to even more losses.

If I had the opportunity to use this service earlier, it would save me about 1 year of time, which is the main thing for me – it’s like if I were offered a year less to study at school or at the university, while the load would be a little more than before, but simply the teaching methods have been changed – it would be foolish to refuse. Thanks Gerchik & Co for such “know-how” in trading».

After reading such and many similar reviews about Gerchik & Co, you can form your own opinion about the broker Gerchik & Co and Alexander Gerchik himself.

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