Day: June 9, 2021

  1. Crypto
Dfinity and Internet Computer (ICP) founder Dominic Williams criticized Polkadot and Ethereum’s second-tier solutions. In his opinion, they provide a “unpleasant” user experience. According to Williams (Dominic Williams), the rapidly growing ecosystem of second-tier solutions for Ethereum is turning this blockchain into a “Goldberg Machine” for “cloud second-tier applications.” Goldberg’s machine performs even the simplest […]
  1. Busines news
Sberbank Asset Management JSC was registered by the Moscow Registration Chamber on April 1, 1996. License of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russia for the management of investment funds, unit investment funds and non-state pension funds 21-000-1-00010 dated September 12, 1996. Interested parties can obtain detailed information about mutual investment funds, familiarize […]